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I spent all my life “dieting” with my weight going up and down like a yo yo. I never found a program I would stick to so I would lose the weight, then I would gain it back plus a little more. None of the diets really worked for me as a lifestyle, and I still felt bad, even when I was eating “healthy.”

In late May of 2010 I landed in the emergency room with a blood pressure of 115/220 and pains shooting down my neck. The emergency room ran some tests on me, gave me some meds to get my blood pressure down and sent me home. It was a real wake up call for me. I knew if something didn’t change I’d be back, probably with a heart attack.

I went to see my family doctor the next week, and he put me on blood pressure medication. The medication didn’t totally control my blood pressure, some days it still shot up to 180/100. I didn’t want to take more medication, when the meds I was already taken made me feel bad.

I set out on a journey to fix my eating habits, and to lose some weight. At the time I weighed over 210 pounds, and at just a little over 5 ft tall, that was a good bit of weight.

I started eating cleaner foods, and tried to stay away from high sodium processed foods, but it wasn’t enough. In addition to my family doctor, I also went to see a reflexologist. She suggested I keep a food diary. I did just that, and it helped me learn what foods were triggering my blood pressure.

For me a big part of my blood pressure problem was food. I think I was working on blood sugar problems at the same time. Most of my triggers were starchy, or sugary foods. Along the journey I also figured out I have issues with wheat, like many people out there I just didn’t realize it.

I’ve completely overhauled my diet over the last few years. Actually it’s not a diet anymore, it’s a lifestyle. I lost over 70 pounds, started working out daily and cut most of the processed carbohydrates out of my life.

I’m happy to say I’ve been blood pressure medication free for almost a year now, and my blood pressure stays in the normal range. I’m on a mission to share what’s working for me so others can change their lives too. I hope my journey can inspire others.

I’m still on the journey, but I’ve kept the weight off for close to 2 years now.

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