What Foods Do You Avoid?

by Lynn on June 23, 2010

I was just reading an article over at the Healthy Eats Blog at The Food Network: 14 Foods Experts Don’t Eat. I agree with most of them, and a few really made me think.

I thought I’d put together a quick list of foods that I avoid for one reason or another. Here are my top 10:

  1. Artificial sweeteners~ I know there’s no proof that they’re bad for you, but doesn’t artificial say it all? It’s not natural, so why put it in your body, plus I’ve never tasted an artificial sweetener that didn’t have a yucky aftertaste, or that made the food taste as good as real sweeteners do. If’ I’m going to splurge on something sweet I want sweet!
  2. Bottled salad dressings, especially fat free salad dressings. I used to use bottled salad dressing, then I started reading labels! There are so many ingredients in the stuff that I can’t even pronounce! Plus it’s super simple to make your own with a few ingredients.
  3. Frozen dinners~ Yes they’re super simple to heat up for a quick meal, but they’re also super loaded with salt and other not so good for you ingredients.
  4. MSG~ Gives me a royal headache, and sends me into a depression, enough said!
  5. Wheat is on my avoid list, because of an intolerance. I used to love anything wheat, but it didn’t love me! When I eat wheat it slows down my metabolism, and gives me a royal case of heartburn among other things.
  6. Hydrogenated oils, they’re not good for you, and they’re definitely not found in nature!
  7. High fat meats~ Can you say clogged arteries?
  8. Packaged ice cream~ Again full of ingredients I can’t pronounce.
  9. Tomatoes in January~ Because you know they had to travel half way around the world!
  10. Hot dogs~ Just not much good to say about them!

What foods are on your avoid list?

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