Healthy Eating On a Budget

by Lynn on April 20, 2010

Many food budgets have been tighter lately. With food costs rising, and paychecks going down here there are many things we can do to stay on a budget and still eat healthy. One of my favorite is eating what’s in season, or eating what’s growing in my garden. I’m always ready for summer to get here because I know I’ll eat healthier, and it will still be cheaper on my budget.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy eating tips for people on a budget.

  1. Clip coupons (watch for double and triple coupon opportunities).
  2. Cook from scratch, pre-packaged food is more expensive, and less healthy.
  3. Don’t eat out too often, it’s a huge budget drainer.
  4. Eat in season fruits and vegetables. They’re cheaper, and they’ll taste better. A tomato tastes way better in July than in January, and it’ll cost you less.
  5. Check out the farmer’s markets, especially for in season local produce. You’ll be supporting local small businesses and saving money at the same time.
  6. Buy in bulk, if you think you’ll be able to use it all. Don’t buy bulk if you think it will be too much, or go to waste. You may be able to split larger quantities with a friend.
  7. Use more whole foods. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was to shop the outside lanes of the grocery store, and avoid most of the inner aisles. If you look at the layout of the grocery, most of the whole foods are around the outside aisles, and many of the inner aisles contain processed foods.

What tips do you have for eating healthy on a budget? Please feel free to share.

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