Do You Track Your Food Intake?

by Lynn on January 18, 2010

Keeping track of your food intake is one of the most important steps to getting control of what you eat and changing your lifestyle. I know for me it was definitely a life changing experience! I had no idea I ate so much food, or that what I ate was mostly empty calories.

food journal

Just grab a notebook or some scrap paper and keep track of what you eat every day for a week, even before you start to change your habits. Once you have a journal of what you’re eating, work on making improvements, and portion control.

For me it didn’t work to change my diet drastically in one day, but it has worked to improve my diet over time. Journaling my food intake is an important part of that process.

When I quit writing down what I eat, I start to slip back into my old habits. I guess writing things down is my way of being accountable… to myself… for what I eat.


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