Preparing Your Pantry For Weight Loss Success

by Lynn on January 12, 2009

pantry jars What’s in your pantry, refrigerator, cabinets? What foods do you have stashed away so no one else sees you eating them? Guess what? Whether someone sees you eat the food or not, it will still show up on your hips, belly, and behind that you’ve been eating a little extra on the side. So your secret eating binges are not really so secret.

How can you prepare your pantry and fridge to help you in your weight loss goal, and not sabotage you every step of the way?

Here are a few tips to get your kitchen (and you) going in the right direction for the new year.

  • If there’s something in your pantry that calls to you or tempts you every step of the way, get rid of it. Especially if its high in calories from sugar or fat without much to redeem itself in the way of vitamins and fiber.
  • Plan ahead by chopping up your vegetables and fruits as soon as you get home from the market whenever possible. Bringing home that fresh pineapple, or stalk of celery does no good if it just sits in the fridge and turns to juice before you throw it out. If they’re chopped and ready to grab for a quick snack you’re more likely to eat them.
  • When you’re cooking a healthy soup, or some chicken for supper, make a little extra for lunch the next day. That way you have something to grab and heat quick when you’re on the go, instead of heading for the nearest drive through. It’ll be cheaper and healthier.
  • Fill your pantry and your fridge with natural foods, whole grains instead of white flour, look for foods that aren’t loaded with sugar, salt, and fillers. Buy products as close to how they were naturally produced as possible.
  • Check the labels on foods before you purchase them, check the calories, fat grams, fiber, sugar, and nutrients. Make informed purchases at the grocery, then you’ll know what you’re grabbing from the pantry.
  • Buy organic whenever your budget will allow. I know budgets are tight these days, but whenever you can afford the organic version, buy it. Even better grow your own garden and raise your own produce. There’s nothing better than a tomato straight from the garden in mid July.
  • If you need sweeteners use honey, maple syrup, or pure cane sugar. You’ll use less and still feel satisfied.

What tips can you share to help prepare your kitchen for weight loss success?

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